Rhythm n’ Arch

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Take part in our concept of smart drum rigs. Experience impressive diversities and outstanding design!

Our Creativity - Your Expression

With a past in the music industry as a drummer, and the love for Nordic and exotic woods, their pliability and my desire for finding the lightest  fitting solutions, I was launched on an exciting journey with “The Sign of the Rhythm” in mind.

Out of the famous circle format the Fibonacci Sequence, which reminds us of the movement in one simple drum fill, after two years of research and development, the drum rig Rhythm n’ Arch was born.

An innovative concept that encompasses design, need and diversity for drummers of any league.

With a great level of enthusiasm and pleasure, we now share our ideas with you, in hopes that you too, will enjoy!

About Us

Swedish Craftmanship

The Rhythm n’ Arch J-Rig is primarily produced in Sweden with all the technical and design conscious craftmanship that Swedish brands have been known and respected for.

The rigs are manufactured with carefully chosen materials from Swedish suppliers dealing in wood processing. The Ash, with its strict, clean touch and Wenge wood with its exciting hues and finally, the “heart” of the arches is pressed in Nordic Birch for optimum quality. This gives the end product a technical rating of top notch class!

The Kickstand is designed to be a stable complement to the rig and we are extremely delighted and proud of the minimalistic designed metal fittings that, even they, fill a clever function.

Lars-Erik Enegård

Founder Rhythm n’ Arch

Rig ”Light”

Due to its low weight, (at 15kg), Rhythm n’ Arch becomes the most diverse lightweight rig.

Not last up to the bar

Set up and breakdown with accessories takes only a few minutes.

En Route

Securely stored in its flight case the rig is compact enough that it can be transported by personal auto or cab. You can easily travel by bus, train or metro as well.

Standalone RIG or with ALL accessories

Pick'n Mix

J-rig is available in several different formats when it comes to expression and function. Whether you choose Ash or Wenge wood as your base, it is possible to build your kit to accommodate acoustic cymbals and hi hat along with acoustic snare. In addition, choose between Roland pads as tom sounds or Nord P3 combined with Digitakt. Or, if your preference is fully digital, this is also compatible with the rig.

The middle section of the kickstand can also be selected in two different middle colors shown, to give the rig a very personalized and cool accent. If you have a favorite color, we can definitely accommodate! Included with each rig is a rod pack that includes two different rig heights, nine cymbal stackers of varying heights, as well as two different arms to choose from. You may also build and add on with a variety of stackers and arms to customize your kit.

Wood: Ash / Wenge

Trigger: Roland Pads / Norddrum

Kickgear: Red / Grafite Grey

Our Creativity - Your Expression

Rhythm n’ Arch

The slim format makes it ideal for smaller venues, stages and clubs where every square footage counts. It is the perfect “gig kit” with a small “footprint” that doesn’t sacrifice optimum performance.

At the same time, there are no limitations when it comes to larger venues and stages since the whole kit can easily be connected to any PA sound system. This means that regardless of the venue or stage, large or small, you can expect that the rig will fill all your needs.

Thanks to our strategic and clever design, the kit requires minimal space when stored securely in its flight case along with other smaller items.

It is so compact that it can fit in

to most personal vehicles or taxis without any issues. In addition, the flightcase can easily be transported by bus, train or metro. 

Acoustic, Hybrid or Digital


A considerable part of the rig’s versatility is that you are able to expertly combine the acoustic and digital with frequency differences.

The high frequency is established through authentic acoustic sound sources, in other words, genuine cymbals, hi hat, snare etc. with their, rich, and dynamic sounds, character and authenticity.

Through sampled kick and tom sounds alternatively, you have the low frequency in digital form. The low frequency, using triggers like Roland pads with different modules or Nord drum-3P, for example, combined with Electron Digitakt. Accessories that have a superior ability to reproduce low frequencies and in an authentic way ally with the higher acoustic tones.

In addition, you can easily switch out cymbals, hihat and snare with digital products to transform the rig to a kit that you can use for “at home”practice sessions.

Organic Shapes

With the desire to create synergy on all levels the Kickstand and J-rig are created within the same idiom.


Only imagination sets the limit of how the Rhythm n’ Arch kit can be modeled with all kinds of accessories.


Only imagination sets the limit of how the Rhythm n’ Arch kit can be modeled with all kinds of accessories.


Because of its organic materiality and its natural gravity that renders Rhythm n’ Arch’s construction movement, all components “swing” in unison. This unique and charming property allow the Ash and Wenge woods, with the heart of the Nordic Birch, to express its own very special character.


Rhythm n´Arch loves your gear and is relatively compatible with your current setup.